What is JourneyDance?

Dancing as Medicine

JourneyDance Rainbow, Love, Dancing as Medicine

Through breath, sweat, and expression, you gain a palpable experience of yourself as pure powerful energy.

 In JourneyDance™, we release judgement of ourselves and others.  JourneyDance™ is not about learning steps, it’s about revealing, recovering and re-discovering your natural intuitive movement. Check the Events Page regularly for monthly JourneyDance workshops.

JourneyDance is my Soul Medicine

I joined Toni Bergens for a day in Boston where she led us on healing adventure in this beautiful, airy space. I am always amazed at how I continue to get lost and found over and over again during this sacred practice. JourneyDance is my soul medicine and sharing it is my small way of giving back and sharing the love with others who want to shed their veils and roles and just let go, connect, laugh and heal.

The JourneyDance Experience in ASL/English

Dancing allows us to connect to ourselves and each other in a way that is beyond words and deeper than language can convey. Dancing brings us together in a community that reveres and celebrates diversity. This video is a dance jam - and reactions by Deaf and hearing participants.