Special Events

Monthly Partner and Acro Yoga ~ ASL/English

Partner and Acro Yoga are beautiful and potent concoctions of personal grounding, moving breath meditation and partner asanas.
The flow creates a forum for transformation and deep connection to self and a parter. Sign up for monthly emails to receive notification about our Partner and Acro workshops with great guest teachers. 

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Monthly Donation Based Classes

In October, Ariel hosted a beautiful Classic Hatha Flow with all proceeds going to the Babylon Animal Shelter. Stay tuned for the November Community Donation class. 

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Essential Oils and Wellness Workshops

Every 2 weeks a free basic Oils 101 Class is held. This one hour class is an opportunity for those new to the oils learn the very basics and those who are seasoned oil-users to share their favorite recipe for health and healing.  

Other special events are co-hosted by Gina Califano and Jeanette Cincotta as well as workshops offered in ASL with Leah Canale and Erin Manning.

*If you would like to purchase oils and learn how to get wholesale pricing, please contact one of us to get our member number and use that when purchasing... That will support us as we support you on your journey to wellness, purpose and abundance. 

Jennifer Wilkinson Young Living Member Number: 3486176

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Thanksgiving Holiday Pow Wow and Potluck

Welcome Home - Our Afternoon of Thanks-Giving


Come join Jennifer, Patricia, Lauren, Gina, Amy, Ariel and your fellow yogis and yogini for an afternoon of connection with yummy vegetarian fare and other surprises!